About Us

Murrayfield Bespoke Plastering are a local business providing and working with only the highest quality tradesmen in Edinburgh, The Lothians and Fife. We offer all manner of Plastering, Cornice Work, Harling and Rendering Services and strive to provide the highest quality of workmanship to our clients. Our tradesmen are all time-served and fully-qualified ensuring our clients are always happy with the work we undertake for them.
Our ability to take on Bespoke Plastering & Cornice work makes us stand out from our competitors. As well as being great at the basics we really thrive on creative projects.
Should you have any questions about the services we provide or would like to arrange for us to provide you with a free, no obligation quote then please us today.


Our Ethos & Customer Commitment

At Murrayfield Bespoke Plastering our aim is to provide you with a flawless and hassle-free service. It should be as simple as you telling us what your requirements are, we review these, advise what this will entail and, if mutually agreeable, progress to complete the work for you.

We are the experts and our expectation is to undertake any job with minimal reliance on our clients – we will only be in contact when we have a critical question that only you can make the decision on for us. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and be expected to cook your own meal – you pay for a high quality of service to be provided and that’s exactly how we see our business model.